p4gPersona is a spinoff of the Shin Megami Tensei RPG franchise. Well, to call it a spinoff would do it a disservice, as it manages to stand out in its own right, almost becoming more popular than the SMT series itself. Taking place in modern day Japan, the Persona series eschews old school fantasy-style conventions in favor of Japanese high school life, and Persona 4 is no different. Playing as a transfer student, you and your friends must get to the bottom of a series of murders involving the Midnight Channel, a mysterious tv station that is said to show viewers the image of their true love. Players must venture inside the world of the tv, doing battle with demons. Fortunately, like in all SMT games, they can summon demons that they can power up. During the day, players must socialize with friends, attend classes, and participate in other extracurricular activities. The PS Vita port includes loads of new content, including personas, cinematic, and side quests. Persona 4 is one of the more popular RPGs of the past few generations, and its one of the more popular installments in the series. In fact the game had an animated adaptation, two fighting games, a rhythm game, and even a porn parody based on it. If you have yet to experience Persona 4, now is a great time to check it out.ir-leasing.ru