I just knew you were looking forward to this!

I just knew you were looking forward to this!

This Friday is of course Black Friday, the official kick off to holiday shopping season, complete with insane deals that equally insane people will do equally insane shit to get their hands on. Now I know a lot of you poweteers wanna cash in on those insane deals, but you’re not looking to get trampled, let alone camp outside of Best Buy for the 5pm Thursday night doorbuster deals. So for the interest of all poweteers, might I present Green Everyday, Powet’s 24/7/365 special. This is a collection of video games that are available for $20 or less year round, and they may even cost less due to various Black Friday deals. All of these titles are also downloadable via online digital distribution so you don’t even gotta leave the house to cash in on these deals. Some of these games you’ve seen before, and some of these games you haven’t. Click after the jump and read on!

Hotline Miami 2 (PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita)


Hotline Miami 2 is the ultra-violent sequel to 2012’s equally ultra-violent indie hit. Hotline Miami 2 puts players in the role several characters, each with their own gameplay styles as they learn more about the alternate universe in which Hotline Miami takes place in. Among these characters include a group of fans that idolized the hero of the original Hotline Miami and an actor starring in a film inspired by the events of the original game. The plot is told out of order, Tarantino-style. The gameplay is similar to the first title, make your way through each level fast as possible killing everyone within. As of right now we’re still waiting on the promised level editor, but until then, Hotline Miami 2 continues the series’ tradition of bloody good fun.

Shovel Knight (PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U Nintendo 3DS OS X, Linux, Amazon Fire TV)


Funded via crowdfunding, Shovel Knight isn’t just a throwback to the 8-bit days. If you didn’t know better, you’d mistake Yacht Game’s masterpiece for an actual NES classic. Playing as the titular character, you set out on a mission to defeat the evil enchantress and rescue your partner Shield Knight by defeating the 8 members of the Order of no Quarter. You’ll make your way through several levels reminiscent of classic titles like Mega Man and Castlevania. The console versions of the game have several exclusive features. The Playstation versions of the game feature God of War’s Kratos as an unlockable boss fight, the Xbox One version features a fight with the Battletoads, while a Shovel Knight Amiibo will unlock a co-op mode for the Wii U version. Whether you’re an old school NES fan or a new school gamer, Shovel Knight’s throwback gameplay makes it a must-have for your collection.

Injustice: The Gods Among Us (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC)


Bought to you by the same people who created Mortal Kombat, Injustice is the first good DC comics game. Well at least the first one that doesn’t involve Lego and isn’t restricted to Batman. Not only is the game a solid DC comics game, it’s an awesome fighting game as well. Featuring characters from allover DC’s pantheon, players will explore an alternate universe taken over by a version of Superman gone bad. Not only will players have access to DC stalwarts like Wonder Woman and Batman, but the game also features several lesser known characters such as Killer Frost, Aries, and even Martian Manhunter (by way of DLC of course). There is a lot for players to enjoy whether you play online, solo, or offline. After the main storyline, there are challenge rooms, arcade ladders, and online competition. Even in a fighting game, the game does an awesome job of putting players in the role of their favorite super heroes and villains. If Capcom is planning to do another Marvel fighter, they need to pick this up and take some notes.

Forgotten Memories (iOS, Coming Soon to Wii U, Steam, PS Vita, PS3, and Android)


Forgotten Memories is the closest thing we’ll get to a new Silent Hill game. Even on iOS, it gets the old school style gameplay and creepy atmosphere down right. Playing as a detective name Rose Hawkins, you search for a missing child only to find yourself locked in a strange asylum. Players will have to make their way through the game’s environments battling the game’s enemies. The game is difficult, and the touch screen controls don’t make things easier. Ammo is limited, the enemies are tough, and you gotta find computer disks to save your game. The app’s purchase page warns players that only the hardcore should attempt to play this game. If you are hardcore, or at least still missing PT, you’ll want to check this game out.

Rocket League (Windows, OS X, Linux, PS 4)


Rocket League is this year’s sleeper hit. However, it’s a sequel to a little known Playstation Network Game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Rocket League is soccer if it was played by Rocket-powered cars instead of douchebags like Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s a physics driven car game that’s nearly impossible to play , but too goddamned fun to put down. The developers are hard at work on new DLC packages including maps and vehicles.