Rockstar’s latest and greatest hit has finally reached the PC earlier this year. The game tells the tale of 3 men from 3 different walks of life who are bought together in pursuit of money and power. Covering hundreds of square miles of the city of Los Santos, players will steal a variety of vehicles, put together elaborate heists, and cause massive amounts of chaos in pursuit of the American dream. When they are done with the single player game, there is a compelling online component allowing players to cause chaos on a worldwide scale. The game that I am talking about however, is NOT that game.

NotGTAV is perhaps the most honest game title ever seen. Clearly you would not purchase this game if you are expecting the high octane action of Grand Theft Auto V. However, if you are expecting a game with crudely hand-drawn art where you can run people over repeatedly, then you’re in luck. Described by one reviewer as ‘Snake on LSD’, NotGTAV has players run down campers, protesters, and other assorted targets in what is essentially a South park-ish satire of David Cameron. It’s fun, easy to play, and the profits are going towards charity. It’s only $3 on Steam, so check it out! Hopefully soon we’ll be seeing NotHalo5, NotMetroidPrime, and NotStarcraft2 from the developer.