The product of a kickstarter which raised a little over $50,000, Hunniepop obviously isn’t for all audiences, nor is it meant to be. Clearly if you’re buying it, you know what you’re getting into. I personally don’t believe in any kind of censorship as all consumers should be able to decide for themselves whether or not games like this are appropriate for them or not, so I’m glad this game was made available. If one is willing to look past the ‘fanservice’, they’ll find an engaging puzzle game disguised as a dating sim/visual novel. Of course I admit that the eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

To it’s credit, it gives you the choice to play as either a man or a woman who is a lesbian, so hey, diversity! Regardless of who you choose, you’re bad at picking up women, so you’re approached by Kyu, the dating fairy. Your object is to charm and seduce several women of different walks of life. You’ll have to get to know them, bribe them with fancy gifts, and spend a lot of money to win them over. In other words, it’s just like real life. Once it’s time to go on a date, that’s the main part of the game. You’ll engage in a match 3 puzzle game. Fill the affection meter, and you win. You’ll be able to unlock new items, new girls, and of course photos of them in increasingly suggestive poses.

So while a huge argument in gaming centers around objectification of women, it’s not as if one is being forced to buy the game. If you feel uncomfortable with it’s subject matter, there are dozens of other games you won’t find as tasteless. However, for those of you who don’t mind this content, not only is it a nice bit of eye candy, but the game itself is fun as well. The developers hinted at their next game on twitter yesterday, and it will be interesting to see what it is.

Warning: If you buy this game on steam, you are not allowed to go to this link or to download the uncensored patch that is there. Also, you are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to follow the instructions on the page. That is all.