In 2012, Rusty Moyher, Shaun Inman, and Matt Grimm worked together during the Ludum Dare game jam. Dureing the event, they created the game Super Clew Land in 72 hours. Inspired by the efforts, the three began a kickstarter that would see the trio develop 6 games throughout 6 months, each being developed in three days. Backers would vote on a theme, and when the game was finished, they would be able to play the finished effort. The 6 games were collected in this compilation, and you can buy it on steam now. Each of these games could easily pass as an NES classic, and each of them have their own little quirks.

Super Clew Land, the game that started it all is a platformer heavy on exploration. As a creature, you must evolve to progress. Almost like E.V.O. meets Metroid. End of the Line is a puzzle game starring a suicidal robot. To progress through each stage, you must figure out a way to kill yourself without being reassembled by the automated repair bot. GAIAttack is a vertical platformer beat-em-up if you seen such a thing. Up to four players can take control of one of four cute mascot creatures and execute combos on the air pirates why invade the land. Paradox Lost (The best of the bunch in my opinion) stars a woman whose plane has crashed in a mysterious jungle. She must navigate the area by use of a gun that allows her to travel through time. Wub-Wub Wescue stars a dog who must save its master from viscous jungle natives. The game is basically Donkey Kong in the jungle and starring a dog in place of Mario. Hearts and Minds is a card game for two players that takes place inside Einstein’s dream. Finally, Shuten is a shoot-em-up for up to two players. Using a blade, players must fend off a legion of demonic enemies. All of the games on this pack are awesome, and each has something for everyone. Retro games will naturally get a kick out of the game.