Note: This game is also available on Xbox 360, but for $29.99 MSRP


Many RPGS like to make the claim that your actions will have consequences, yet few of those games live up to that promise. The Witcher, developed by CD Projekt (who runs game distribution shop, is one of the few games that actually deliver. It’s black and grey morality, deep storyline, fluid combat system, and yes, even sexual imagery helped make it a hit among gamers worldwide. The game even gained attention from President Barack Obama when he was handed a copy by the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a 2014 visit to the country, declaring the game an example of the work ethic of the Polish people. The Witcher 2 improves on every facet of its predecessor, and just like before, CD Projekt hits every note when it comes to The Witcher’s brand of fantasy gaming.

Once again, players step in the shoes of the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. As the game’s subtitle suggests, kings all over the region are being assassinated, and Geralt is the prime suspect. Geralt sets out to clear his name. However, it becomes clear that an even greater conspiracy is at work. You’ll meet a variety of characters and explore a number of regions in the game’s 3 chapters. Like it’s predecessor, the choices you make will determine the events going forward, so much to the point that you’ll have a completely different experience depending on what route you choose. Things are seldom black and white either. Any choice made during the game will most certainly have repercussions, good and bad. You don’t get locked in paragon/renegade paths like other RPGS (looking firmly at you Mass Effect). PC gamers can import a save from the original game to earn exclusive items. The combat system is different, and is more in line with many modern action RPGS. Geralt can deal out strong strikes, weak strikes, and combos. In addition, Geralt can also make use of magic, traps, bombs, and various ranged weaponry. While players had a hard time understanding the system initially, later patches added a tutorial mode to explain the combat system.

Like its predecessor, The Witcher 2 is one of the most underrated RPGs of the past generation. It’s no hold-barred R-rated take on fantasy, unique combat system, and multi-faceted-plot easily make it a favorite among RPG fans. With the next generation sequel, The Wild Hunt hitting Xbox One, PS4, and PC next month, gamers will definitely want to check out this modern fantasy classic soon as possible. If you’re a fan of Dragon Age and Game of Thrones, you’ll love the Witcher.