Some Poweteers may remember we did a PowetToys episode on the OMFG! Series 1. Standing for Original Mini-Figure Guys, the line featured two more follow up waves with many exclusive variant colored sets available at various online toy retailers. George Gaspar of October Toys, has posted a new Kickstarter for Series 4 of the line. Five new designs based on community submissions have been selected and sculpted.

The Kickstarter ends on October 17th. Be sure to back it to get the Kickstarter exclusive black set of figures!

Here is the Kickstarter page.

Join us after the jump to see all the unique designs available in this kickstarter campaign!

Click on the images for a larger version.


Bull’s Eye
Designed by Raging Nerdgasm (Tom Khayos and Ana Bruja-Khayos) and sculpted by George Gaspar


Wooly Wisp
Designed and sculpted by Billy Parker


Tree Witched
Designed by MudMarox and sculpted by GormTransMonster


Fossil Freak
Designed by Michael Stearns and sculpted by George Gaspar


The Siren
Designed by Corwin Webb and sculpted by George Gaspar