Well, everyone’s favorite gun-toting raccoon and living tree are among Marvel’s newest (and most obscure) movie stars as of this weekend in Guardians of the Galaxy, and earlier this summer, everyone’s favorite mutants returned to the silver screen in X-men Days of Future Past, and what good would any movie be without the prerequisite tie-in games? Of course unlike recent movie tie in games, such as the Gameloft-Cashgrab mobile games based on Captain America 2 and Spider-Man 2, these games have no in-app purchases (it’s a rather biting commentary on mobile gaming when we’re praising games for NOT having any IAP, but I digress). The games themselves aren’t bad either.

Guardians of the Galaxy – The Universal Weapon is a strategy RPG game in which you play as super-deformed versions of the Guardians. The Guardians are on a mission to find the scattered pieces of an ancient superweapon. Along with the movie’s core cast (Star Lord, Drax, Gammora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot) players can also unlock other heroes and villains (some of whom can only be used in the game’s arena mode). Among the unlockables are some surprising faces, such as Charlie-27 (of the original Guardians), Mantis, and even the Hulk (who wears his Planet Hulk outfit). Some of the unlockables will be available at a later date. Each character has abilities they can upgrade and they have special attacks they can use.


X-Men – Days of Future Past is a side-scrolling action game which takes it’s inspiration of the comic book arc of the same name rather than the movie. This means that you start in the future as Kitty Pryde and make your way to the past in order to prevent Senator Kelly’s assassination. You’ll have your choice of several unlockable X-men to play as, including some who will become available as of a later date. One thing to note, apparently Kitty Pryde’s punches can do the same amount of damage as Wolverine’s. Odd, but fans of Kitty Pryde will no doubt be happy to finally have her as a playable character. Other X-men you can play as include Cyclops, Storm, Scarlet Witch (I don’t remember her being involved in the storyline, but okay), and Polaris. Each X-man has their own upgradable powers, and you can replay each level to unlock new comic issues and costumes.

While this isn’t exactly Marvel vs Capcom 4 or Ultimate Alliance 3, these two iOS games are fun to play, cheap, and you don’t have to worry about paying for DLC after you buy. Although these games seem geared toward newer fans will have just seem the movies, fans of the comics will find plenty to enjoy as well.