After 14 years, the super ninja of the future has finally returned in his own game. What’s more, unlike 2000’s too-easy Strider 2 and U.S gold’s non-canon Sega Genesis sequel, this is a sequel that finally does justice to Strider. Developed by Double Helix, who also produced the successful Killer Instinct reboot, Strider brings back Capcom’s ninja hero on a clean slate to introduce him to a new generation of gamers.

Players are in control of Strider Hiryu as he fights to liberate Kazakh City from Grandmaster Meio and his regime. The game’s plot is a reboot of the original arcade game, only this time the game is a 2.5D Metroid-style exploration heavy game instead of the linear style of the classic games. Strider will explore different parts of the city, collecting upgrades and skills to help him progress. Strider will also battle several bosses, both old and new. The game borrows elements from the original arcade game, the NES game, and even his appearances in the Marvel vs Capcom games. The music naturally contains remixed versions of classic Strider tunes. Even the NES version of the game get a little love!

Strider hits all the key notes for the character, and both fans of the classic game and those who only know the character from his appearences in Marvel vs Capcom will love the game’s classic-style gameplay. Moreover, it’s a much-needed hit title for Capcom. Now if only we could get new Mega Man and Final Fight games.