Created by Indie developers Endless Fluff games, Valdis Story is the type of game that would have been a best seller if it had been released on the Playstation, or even the Super Nintendo. Valdis Story’s graphics and sound are a work of art, the story is intriguing, and the Castlevania: Symphony of The Night style gameplay isn’t bad either. Valdis Story began in 2007 as a free game on the developer’s website. The game was given a kickstarter for a full scale release, and the kickstarter was successful, with the game even being greenlighted for Steam this past October. In fact, you might have picked it up for cheap during one of those Steam sales.

Valdis Story tells the story of a humanity caught in the middle of a war between 2 goddesses. Human souls are being turned into angels and demons, and players will have to battle with both. Playing as either Wyatt or Reina (with 2 more characters on the way) you descend into a doomed city within the ocean. Both characters have different playstyles, unlockable abilities, and upgradable stats. This is your typical exploration-heavy ‘Metroidvania’ game, although you never feel like you’re weak and underpowered, even at the beginning of the game. You’ll find out plenty about the game’s backstory from in-game lore, conversations with NPCs, and other in game items. The Graphics are vibrant and beautiful, and it’s soundtrack is something to behold. This is an indie game, but it gives many triple-A releases a run for their money. If you’re a fan of old-school platforming games, then check this out.