I know what you are thinking. Man-Thing? How on earth is he going to make this connection?

I’ll be honest. I had to do some research when I came home after seeing Iron Man 3. There was a scene that piqued my curiosity. Do you know the scene I’m talking about?

Join me after the jump as I take you on a magical origin filled journey! (spoiler free!)

To understand this connection between Iron Man 3 and Man-Thing, let us take a stroll down memory lane and the origins of the Man-Thing!


42 years ago this month (May 1971), Savage Tales #1 was published containing an 11 page, black and white story featuring a scientist named Ted Sallis and his girlfriend, Ellen Brandt. I must add that the art in this story is pretty fantastic. This was not a Comics Code Authorized book so it was permitted to be a little more violent and racy at the same time.

In the Florida Everglades, Ted Sallis was hard at work on a project to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. In an unexpected turn of events, Ellen Brandt turns on Ted and demands the formula for herself so she can sell it for a large sum of money. Confronted by Ellen and two thugs, Ted ran and injected himself with the serum.


Unfortunately, as the serum started to work, he crashed his car into a swamp. The serum and the swamp’s chemicals mixed and changed Ted into something more and something less than the man he had been. He was now the Man-Thing.


The Man-Thing quickly came upon his would be pursuers and dispatched both thugs quickly. He turned to Ellen, reached out and touched her face, but in doing so, his touch burned her. As she lay on the ground clutching her burned face, Man-Thing fled into the swamps. In the second Man-Thing story, we learn that Ellen Brandt was, in fact, an agent of AIM. She is also retconned to become Ted Sallis’ wife and not just his girlfriend. She would go on to have several further storylines in the Marvel Universe, including one with Dr. Strange and another where she becomes superpowered through magic.


Getting back to Iron Man 3, there was a scene outside of a bar where Tony Stark passes by and notices the face of a young woman. The camera lingered on her face far longer than normal. On her face, we see some significant scarring on the right side. I will not describe the scene further in order to avoid spoilers, but watch the movie and look for what transpires.


The French actress playing this woman is Stephanie Szostak. In the credits, Stephanie Szostak is listed as playing Ellen Brandt.

Is your mind blown yet? Mine sure is!

Not only does this hint at a possible Man-Thing story on the big screen, but it also means that Ted Sallis is already Man-Thing as of Iron Man 3, if plotlines are to be followed.

Thoughts? Comments? Speculation? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

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