The early days of this past console generation saw something that we would rather forget about (but secretly loved): Burger King made it’s debut in video games. Not content with simply having it’s creepy-looking mascot appear as a trainer in Fight Night Round 3, the franchise released a series of games centered around its fast food products. You could pick them up for $3.99 with any value meal. It was admittedly a cool promotion, even if the games were crap. Of course, this isn’t the first time fast food has partnered with video games. The unholy alliance of french fries and digital gaming first manifested itself back in 1988, with the Japan-only Donald Land, a Famicom game in which players controlled McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald in a side-scrolling Mario rip-off. 4 years later, Virgin Interactive would release M.C Kids, also based on the fast food franchise. This game was released in North America, and it was actually a pretty decent platformer. You play as one of two kids named Mick and Mack. The Hamburgular has stolen Ronald McDonald’s magic bag, and the kids have to retrieve it. You’ll explore several different worlds, finding hidden secrets, and throwing blocks at enemies to defeat them. Despite the McDonalds license, the game features none of the fast food chain’s products, so unlike the Burger King games, you get the feeling of this being a semi-polished platformer rather than a glorified ad for McDonalds.