Dungeon Hearts is a puzzle/RPG hybrid. Playing as a group of heroes, you set out to defeat an evil entity. Instead of traditional turn-based combat however, you attack by matching 3 tiles. By matching up colors, you create gems which you use to attack enemies. Different types of tiles come into play as you make your way through each battle. While the game is easy enough in the first few levels, it gets harder as more types of tiles are introduced, and the playing field gets increasingly hectic. There isn’t much in the way of replay value if you can finish the game, but the battles are randomly generated, and there are 4 different soundtracks to unlock. If you have an iPad, you’ll definitely want to play that version, as it’s touch-screen controls will be easier on your hands than a mouse. While Dungeon Hearts is a bit on the short side, at $3, the price is right.