Along with Superman/Batman, Freddy vs Jason, and Alien vs Predator, Robocop vs Terminator was one of several movie mega-crossovers that were brainstormed during the 90s. Of those four, only AvP and FvJ ended up seeing movie releases while Robocop vs Terminator ended up being a comic book limited series. There were two games loosely based upon the comic, one for Sega, another for Super Nintendo. While the Sega version was known for its blood, the SNES version was known for it’s music and moody atmosphere.

Playing as Robocop, you battle against the Terminator units, but not at first. Seems like John Connor’s resistance finds out that Robocop’s tech has been linked to Skynet, so they send on of their own back in time to destroy him. However, this fails, and Robocop’s mind is caught in a trap. After awakening in the nightmarish future of the Terminators, he sets out to destroy Skynet. The game is a mixture of platforming run and gun action, although Robocop moves at a somewhat slow pace. There are several gallery shooting segments to mix up the action. While little about the game stands out, Robocop vs Terminator is still a cool crossover and an excellent shooter of its console generation. And it came in a pretty cool package too!