BIT.TRIP Runner2 Releases

Runner2 is the follow-up by Gaijin Games to the original chiptune-inspired auto-runner game (cleverly named “Runner”), featuring CommanderVideo as an erstwhile nyan cat — or Robot Unicorn, except you don’t necessarily have to die. And you know they’re serious about you playing this game, because they didn’t have time to put a space between “Runner” and “2”!

Official Runner2 Trailer. from CommanderVideo on Vimeo.

As an auto-runner, you can’t control the speed or forward motion of CommanderVideo, merely the actions he’ll take to go around obstacles. Think the third level of Battletoads, except more engrossing and far less ragequit-inducing. Oh, and with music, since it’s a rhythm-based game.

The Wii U and Steam versions are out today, with the PS3 version releasing for PSN tomorrow (February 27th), and the XBLA version for Xbox 360 some time in March. Which is just as well, since by Gaijin Games’ own admission the Wii U version is probably the best and fastest-running version of the game out there — save the lack of achievements and cloud saves… if you care about that sort of thing. But you do get to play the entire game on your GamePad if you’re so inclined, which isn’t too shabby of a consolation prize.

The pre-order sale on Steam ended when the game came out, but some of you savvy internet users could probably find coupon codes if you really looked for them.

Check out more information at the official Runner2 website, or just throw all caution to the digital wind and download it right now! (If you missed out on the original RUNNER, you can check it out here.)