It’s been over 2 years since Season 4 of Venture Bros. ended with “Operation P.R.O.M.” and left us all wondering what was next in store for Dean & Hank, as well as the now huge cast of other main and secondary character we’ve all grown to love. With Seasons 5 and 6 being greenlit, we’ve since had to wait patiently for the rare announcement of progress. (satiated with a single Halloween Special this past year to tide us over)

Looks like the long wait is going to be over this spring, as leaked on an Adult Swim Q&A teaser recently. According to the Venture Bros. Blog (now currently under maintenance. possibly due to the flood of eager fans crowding to test validity), the new season of Venture Bros. will begin airing May 19th. It also featured a slew of screenshots that give hints as to what’s in store for Season 5. I won’t give spoilers away, but some details hinted to in the last episode of Season 4 are pointed to.

Rejoice, VB fans. The wait will soon be over.