The Star Wars Black line was announced within the past few weeks leading up to Toy Fair, but we had only seen X-Wing Pilot Luke. I am happy to say we now have a look at the whole first wave of 4 figures. The first wave will consist of Luke, R2-D2, Darth Maul and a Sandtrooper. These are premium figures loaded with accessories and plenty of detail sculpted by Gentle Giant.

Join us after the jump for pictures and the 3.75 inch Black line as well.
[Source: TheFwoosh]
[Photos Source: GrapeSoda]

star-wars-black-series-6-inch-020513_maul_1_scaled star-wars-black-series-6-inch-020513_r2d2_2_scaled star-wars-black-series-6-inch-020513_sandtrooper_1_scaled star-wars-black-series-a4301000_6in_luke_helmet_blaster_scaled star-wars-black-series-a4301000_6in_luke_package_final_scaled

In addition to the 6 inch format above, there will be 3.75 inch Star Wars Black line as well.
There will be a couple 2 packs including Jedi Anakin and Clone Sgt., as well as Bespin Darth Vader and a Biker Scout. A new Yavin Ceremony Luke , Geonosis Padme and X-Wing Pilot Biggs will also be available.

star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5078-epii-anakin-skywalker-jedi-hero_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5079-epii-clone-trooper-sergeant_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5080-epvi-biker-scout-speeder-bike-pilot_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5081-epv-darth-vader-bespin-trap_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5082-epiii-clone-pilot-jag-pilot_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5084-epiv-luke-skywalker-yavin-ceremony_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5158-epii-padme-amidala-geonosis-arena_scaled star-wars-black-series-3-75-inch-a5159-epiv-biggs-darklighter-rebel-pilot_scaled