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This year, the Tranformers Club Comic takes a trip back into the strange world of Shattered Glass. Before jumping back in, let’s take a look at some of the best Shattered Glass characters we’ve seen in toy form so far!  

Heroic Decepticon Soundwave

The original Soundwave may be superior, but Hook was right – he’s an uncharismatic bore. This Soundwave? This Soundwave is totally bodacious. A fun-loving ‘bot who’s out to have a good time while kicking Evil Autobot skidplate, Soundwave’s been knighted and wears a bodacious ninja headband. What’s not to love?

The totally radical hero Soundwave has technically had three toys total – depending on how you count a repurposed Music Label Soundwave – but the still to be released e-Hobby version is my personal favorite. The G1 Soundwave toy holds up well, has great interaction with his tape minions, and just looks awesome. Soundwave even comes with a unique sticker sheet to customize his look, complete with Cold Slither stickers. A sweet toy for a sweet ‘bot.

Evil Autobot Goldbug

There’s a lot of ways to make a “mirror universe” version of a character, and Shattered Glass uses a couple different takes on the concept. Some characters are in similar colors but using differently styled toys, while others use the same toy as their “primary universe” counterpart but in “twisted” colors. Goldbug is a mix of both, and ends up as perhaps the most striking in terms of differences from his Heroic counterpart. Tall and thin where Bumblebee is short and stocky, you know right away that Goldbug is a very different bot from Bumblebee, and his bio proves it. Whereas simply making an Evil Bumblebee may have been the easy way out, taking inspiration from Bumblebee’s upgraded form was a great idea that gave us an awesome and unique exclusive.

Heroic Decepticon Thundercracker

In the late 80s/early 90s, there seems to have been a competition amongst Transformers deco artists to create the absolute worst color scheme ever. The winner would be crowned in 1991, which saw the release of Action Master Thundercracker. Gone were Thundercracker’s signature blue and silver colors, replaced by the most offensive shades of magenta, purple, blue, gold, and green. No one really knows the true story of why on earth this deco happened, but it became the stuff of legend not long afterwards. Since then, every release of a seeker-esque mold has brought with it at least one fan jokingly shouting for a release in these nauseating colors, knowing full well it would never, ever happen.

Enter Shattered Glass. The perfect excuse to get this deco, and Fun Publications delivered. And it’s every bit as hideous as you could have hoped for.

Evil Autobot Optimus Prime

“Evil Optimus Prime” is a concept that has been around for a long time, and has not always been part of a larger mirror universe concept. Whether you call him Scourge or Nemesis Prime, bad-guy Prime has been done over and over again. So in order to succeed, Shattered Glass Prime had to be fresh and interesting while still being familiar enough to be recognizable as Optimus Prime. Thankfully, the leader of the Evil Autobots turned out to be one of the best figures of the Botcon 2008 set.

Rather than being bathed in black and teal, or co-opting Megatron’s colors, Optimus Prime features a brand-new deco that is dark and sinister, and yet still somehow Prime-esque. The paint apps are detailed and fantastic, simulating battle damage, filth, and even a cracked window. This release was so popular and desired, the deco was reused years later at Botcon 2012 in an effort to provide collectors with another chance at the character.

Evil Autobot Junkions Wreck-Gar, Scrap Iron, and Junkheap

Everybody loves the Junkions. They talk in TV quotes, transform into motorcycles, and dance to “Weird Al” Yankovic. So, how do you take Junkions and invert them in an even crazier way? You make them the Borg. Yes, as in Star Trek. A hive mind filled with identical drones, the evil Junkions are mismatched creatures made of detritus, able to assimilate other Transformers and remake them into even more Junkions. Each set contains three Junkions, all identical save for the unique head sculpts – including one previously available only in Japan.

Did I mention they are colored like Insecticons? Not only appropriate, but gorgeous.

Shattered Glass can be pretty polarizing. Some fans absolutely love it, and some hate it. Do you have any favorite mirror universe characters? Let us know in the comments!