We, here, at Powet.TV bring you only the finest news in entertainment. Thats why we needed to share this official announcement.

TakaraTomy, the Japanese company that works with Hasbro to bring us Transformers, has posted a pdf file on their site (available here). This pdf is nothing short of a papercraft couch for your Arms Micron figures. These are the mini-con figures that have been released with the Transformers Prime figures in Japan. They are little robots or animals that turn into weapons for the larger figures to use.

Apparently, the couch comes in two flavors; Autobot and Decepticon.

Choose wisely, Poweteers. Choose wisely.

Let us know in the comments what other pieces of household furniture you’d like to see officially released from Takara!
Count me in for a kitchen sink. Megatron just finished dinner and Starscream has some dishes to clean.