You know what was great about old school action games? You didn’t need upgradable stats, cinematics, a-list voice talent, or any other bells and whistles. No sir, all you needed was a bunch of enemies to shoot as you ran to the right of the screen and a bunch of weapons to shoot them with. Intrusion 2, the sequel to a 2008 flash game brings back this action. Developer Aleksey Abramenko spent three years on this title, and it was worth every minute. Playing as some guy, you set out to stop a bunch of bad guys for whatever reason, but did you ever play these types of games for the plot? Ninja please. If you want story, go play some Final Fantasy. All you need to know is that there a shitload of bad guys who need to be murdered to death. Got it?

You’ll have several weapons you can wield throughout the game’s six levels. There are also a number of vehicles you can find and pilot as well. As this is an action shooter, expect to come across some pretty bad-ass bosses. Even though the game takes place in a snowy field, the environments and level design have lots of variation, and the cright graphics are a nice site to behold. There is also a physics system that reacts realistically to your shots. Taking advantage of it brings a slight element of strategy. The controls are on-point as well. The only thing this game is truly missing is two-player co-op. With that, this game could be the second coming of Contra. Even with that oversight, Intrusion is an excellent throwback to the games of old. Newer gamers should check this out as well to see why we loved these types of games so much when we were younger.