Taboo Sixth Sense was one of the first apps for the Nintendo. Unfortunately, this was decades before everyone and their mom had a smartphone. Therefore an app back in the NES days basically meant an overpriced piece of shit that was lacking in gameplay. It’s based upon a rather fascinating concept: The Tarot. Sadly, there was little else to it. Oh, and you won’t believed who this game was developed by! Click after the jump to see the twist ending!

The Tarot is a fascinating thing. I myself still have the deck of cards that I purchased in college over 13 years ago. And they’re all in good condition! Basically you shuffle the deck, and draw a series of cards. The arrangement of the cards will give you guidance about a question that you have through the abstract meaning of the cards and the layout they ended up in. Of course if you experience it through this game, you’ll be bored to tears. Basically, you write in a question, and it shuffles the deck and pulls cards randomly. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. In an interesting footnote, this was one of the few games on the NES that not only featured religious themes (which were banned in most American NES releases), but it also featured nudity as well! Of course the game is boring as shit, so it doesn’t matter.

Oh, and the game’s developer? It’s Rare. That’s right, Goldeneye Rare. Donkey Kong Country Rare. Perfect Dark Rare. People say Microsoft ‘ruined’ Rare, but with titles like this, its a miracle that it survived this long. Ironically, this game was billed as an adult party game. Rare’s most recent effort, Kinect Sports, is also considered a party game. Now if I had a party, which one would I rather play? At least one of them is bright, fun, and gives me a good workout.