25 years ago, Mega Man made his debut on the NES. Over the years he became one of gaming’s most iconic characters, and the games he starred in have became synonymous with classic platforming action. This year is the blue bomber’s 25th anniversary. although Capcom has been a bit lax with the series as of late. Thankfully a fan created this title merging Mega Man with another iconic Capcom franchise: Street Fighter. Instead of giving it the cease and desist treatment, Capcom swooped the game up and decided to release it free on the http://capcom-unity.com website. SfXMM is a classic Mega Man style title, but instead of WIly’s 8 robot masters, you fighter 8 Street Fighters. The game is typical Mega Man: you’ll select what order by which to complete the stages, make your way through various hazards, and fight the level’s boss at the end. The music is composed of Street Fighter anthems, remixed 8-bit style. While the stages are a bit shorter than other Mega Man games, and there is no save feature, this is an excellent fan-project and a great celebration of two of Capcom’s biggest franchises. Plus, we’re getting it for free, so I’ll withhold any complaints.