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Figuring out the perfect gift is hard. Today, we’re gong to take a look at five gift options across the spectrum of price, media, and franchise. What do these ideas all have in common? They’re perfect for the geeky one in your life, and they’re all totally awesome. 

IDW’s Ghostbusters Graphic Novels

Licensed comic books are usually hit or miss, often targeting the die-hard fans of a particular franchise and not always focusing on telling a good story or really doing the brand justice. Thankfully, IDW’s ongoing Ghostbusters series, which just released the final issue of its first 16-issue volume, is certainly not a quick cash-grab. Written by the fantastic Erik Burnham, this book is everything you could hope for in a story about the continued adventures of the boys in grey. Burnham understands these characters better than anybody, and has no problem keying in to the perfect blend of humor and action the original films are known for. While the book throws in plenty of references and characters  from later incarnations such as Extreme Ghostbusters and the 2009 video game, you don’t need to be familiar with anything other than the films to enjoy these stories.  

Limbo: Special Edition

Limbo was one of the best games of 2010 you may not have ever played. Released to critical acclaim, this award winning title is a visual spectacular in addition to being a damn fun game. For the uninitiated, Limbo is a minimalistic 2D sidescroller in which a young boy must traverse terrifying and dangerous environments on a quest to find his sister. It’s simple visual style gives Limbo an unnerving creepiness, and the penalty for failing to solve the games puzzles results in gruesome death. While Limbo is available on many digital download services, this physical edition is truly special. This wonderfully presented box contains both PC and Mac versions of the game, the game’s wonderful soundtrack, and other extras such as original art cards. Limbo is a phenomenal game that everyone should experience, and this Special Edition is more than just for existing fans of the title – it’s an awesome way to be introduced to it. 

Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

Star Trek is well known for its rich fictional history. Spanning countless TV episodes, movies, and books, the world of the final frontier is as captivating as it is large. The First 150 Years is written in-universe, chronicling the Earth’s first contact with Vulcan, the beginning of the Federation, and other significant moments in the decades before The Next Generation. More than just a reference book, this volume contains sketches, Starfleet records, and removable documents such as a handwritten letter from a young James T. Kirk. In addition, the book comes housed in a beautiful display pedestal featuring lights, sounds, and audio clips from Admiral Hikaru Sulu. All these touches make Federation: The First 150 years feel like a real book from the world of Star Trek somehow travelled back in time, arriving just in time for the holidays.  

If this all sounds awesome, but you prefer your sci-fi to be from a long long time ago in a galaxy far away, the publisher of this book also offers two very similar Star Wars inspired tomes:

Fangamer Mega Man Inspired E-Mug

If you’ve never perused the wares of online retailer Fangamer, I highly suggest doing so immediately. From keychains to t-shirts to drink mugs, Fangamer offers a wide selection of video game inspired merchandise that might be more artsy than geeky. You won’t find anything with the Super Mario Bros. logo on it,  but you will find a poster with detailed schematics of the Time Wing. Anything from Fangamer makes an excellent gift for the discerning video game player, but I’m a particular fan of their Mega Man inspired E-Mug. Not simply a blue mug with a print on it, this mug features a very authentic looking 3D sculpt. It’s very solid, and holds just the right amount of energy. If Mega Man isn’t your jam, they also offer a Warp Pipe inspired mug that is just as awesome, and if you want to add in a little something extra, you can pick up a matching set of coasters for either mug.

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Masterpiece Optimus Prime

There are toys, and then there are Masterpieces. More than a simple action figure, Masterpiece Optimus Prime is the perfect physical representation of the famous leader of the Autobots, and might be the best Transformers toy made to date. Featuring incredible detail, a complex transformation, and an insane level of accuracy to the original cartoon design, this is one toy that isn’t meant to be hidden behind other toys in a huge collection. No, this is the kind of display piece you place behind glass, under a spotlight in your living room. Whether you have zero toys or 1000+ toys, it’s impossible to look at Masterpiece Optimus Prime and not think “This is awesome.” It’s that cool.   

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So, how’d we do? Did we inspire any purchasing, or is there a great geeky gift we missed? Let us know what’s at the top of your holiday wishlist in the comments!