Street Fighter x Mega Man - Ryu doing a Hadouken

A new free game will be released by Capcom next Monday which will combine their two greatest franchises. Street Fighter X Mega Man uses Mega Man style game play and graphics but pits him against the World Warriors from the Street Fighter franchise! A trailer, included later in this post, as well as this blog post with details teases us with quite a bit of information.

Street Fighter X Mega Man fighting Chun-Li

It would appear this game was largely developed by a fan Seow Zong Hui with the music done by A_Rival. While the blog post and video mention it will be available on PC on December 17th it’s not clear if this is in reference simply to “Personal computer”, what PC really means, or the layman’s term used to mean “Not a Mac” or more accurately (as if layman’s terms are accurate) “Windows”.

Keep reading for the trailer and more screenshots.

Street Fighter X Mega Man title screen

Street Fighter X Mega Man - Fighting Dhalsim

Street Fighter X Mega Man - Rush

No word yet on how much the launch day DLC will cost…