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Now that Movember has come and gone for 2012, I figured a look back at some of the best mustaches in science fiction film was warranted. Initially, this seemed a daunting task to come up with five, but as I started talking to others, more and more candidates came to light. Its almost a shame I had to limit the list to five. But five there are. Join us after the jump for the Top 5 mustaches in science fiction film!

5. The Mr. Scott

The character Montgomery Scott never had a mustache in Star Trek’s original series. It made its debut in Star Trek the Motion Picture, the serviceable, yet entirely too long first feature film for the franchise. There was no going back for James Doohan. He wore that mustache with pride in every appearance thereafter. Bless him for it.

4. The Winston

Winston is the everyday man in Ghostbusters. In a ridiculous situation surrounded by ridiculous people, Winston related to things the way we might as well. There is no better way to have a grounded character than to give him a mustache. We related to you, Winston. And your mustache. You’re both one of us.

3. The Lando

When Michael Jackson sang Smooth Criminal, I’m pretty sure he was talking about Lando Calrissian. Its not important that he ratted his friends out to Darth Vader in Bespin. He rescued them later and then became a general in the Rebel Alliance. And he looked good all the while.

2. The Magnum

A list of famous mustaches would be incomplete without Tom Selleck. In 1985, he starred in a science fiction film called Runaway. The villain was a super creepy Gene Simmons with no KISS makeup. I watched this movie as a child and for years thereafter had nightmares about robotic spiders. I would watch Magnum PI and be terrified robotic spiders would appear and attack! They were no match, though, for Tom Selleck and his mustache.

1. The Adamastache

I really wanted a way to include the Adamastache, but Battlestar Galactica was a tv series and not a film. Fortunately, if we go back in time a bit, Edward James Olmos played the mustachioed detective Gaff, known for his origami skills, in Blade Runner, a movie whose influence on science fiction cannot be argued. And when a mustache gets its own wiki entry, it just adds fuel to the fire of it need to be at the top of this list.

Do you agree with this list? Do you think Carl Weathers from Predator should be on here? Maybe Wikus from District 9? Hulk Hogan in Suburban Commando? Let us know in the comments!