This week as you know, is Thanksgiving. The day after of course, is Black Friday. So the day after you spend a day being thankful for the things you got, you’ll no doubt spend cash on things you don’t need. Many of you however will loathe this event, either because you wish to show solidarity with the retail worker strikers, you’re low on cash, or you wish to avoid the insanity of the frenzied crowds. Even so, you’ll be envious of the deals that you could be cashing in on. Fear not, ya boys at Powet got your back. We got two editions of $20 GOTW coming this week. These games, as always are either at or below the $20 mark year round, so there is no need to get up early, stand in line, or fight through crowds. Matter of fact, you can cash in on them now. These games are downloadable and/or can be ordered from all major online retailers, so there is no need to leave the house. I’m gonna call this, Green Everyday. You’re welcome by the way.

Hotline Miami(PC)

Don’t let the Neon style 8-bit pixels fool you. Dennaton’s Hotline Miami is one of the most violent and gruesome games ever made. There is a method to its madness, and players who give this game a chance and brave its extreme difficulty will find one of the most rewarding stealth-action experiences this side of Dishonored. Taking place in an alternate version of the late 80s, Hotline Miami’s plot will keep you guessing and it’s bloody action will keep you hooked.

Little is revealed about your character, except that apparently you’re a hired killer commanded by the messages on your answering machine. You’ll leave your apartment, go to each location, and kill the ever living fuck out of everyone present. You show up wearing one of several animal masks and will make use of over 20 weapons, including both melee weapons and firearms(which will likely alert the entire floor). You are only one hit away from dying, so if you simply charge in, you’ll find yourself having to restart often. The AI is horrible. At times, an enemy will swarm on you soon as you enter the room, but other times they won’t bat an eye when they come across the dismembered corpses of their buddies. Then again, the game is challenging enough as it is. Almost as if the developer said “what you need AI for? Ain’t this game hard enough?” The key to each level is to recognize patterns and develop a rhythm or sorts. The animal masks bestow different abilities on your character, and you can unlock new ones by scoring high as possible in each level. There are also strange hallucinations, a seedy fly-ridden room where you converse with three people also wearing animal masks, and your buddy, who works at a video rental, pizza shop, bar, and 7-11, and always gives you free stuff whenever you come it.

Let me reiterate however, that this is a very graphic game. This isn’t Metal Gear Solid or some other action title where you can dodge and sneak past an enemy. You actually have to kill EACH AND EVERY person on the level. Knocking them down isn’t good enough. If you don’t blow em away with a gun or slice them open, you have to stand over them and repeatedly bash their head into the ground. A typical sequence has you knocking an enemy down by opening a door, taking the crowbar he was holding, bashing his skull in, throwing said crowbar at the enemy on the other side of the room, running over to pick up his knife and slit his throat. Bodies don’t flicker and die like they do in the game in the following section either; they remain on the ground. Once the level is finished, you have to exit through the level, surrounded by the pile of carnage and death bought about by you. It’s enough to make more squeamish gamers turn it off in favor of something more tame – Like Mortal Kombat.

For players who can stomach it, it’s plot will keep you guessing, and it’s challenge is rewarding. You’ll also love the 80s style soundtrack. Although the game was plagued by bugs shortly after its release, the developers have added constant updates. A recent update added controller support, and the developer promises downloadable content and a level editor. The game can be completed quickly, so more content for this instant classic will most surely be appreciated.

Double Dragon Neon (PS3, Xbox Live Arcade)

Remember Double Dragon? The classic 80s beat em up? Well, it’s back, courtesy of Majesco and Wayforward. Playing as Billy (and Jimmy is playing with a second player) Lee, you have to once again rescue Marian, who has been kidnapped by the Shadow Warriors, who are led by some guy named Skullmageddon. Naturally, you have to beat the crap out of a lot of people to get her back. You’ll run into familiar enemies and explore familiar levels. It’s that classic Double Dragon action you remember, although there are a few new features. You can gain new moves and abilities by picking up mixtapes, and you can earn cash to purchase items. In two player games, you can share life between the two of you, and you can revive your partner if they’ve been knocked out. The soundtrack contains several familiar tunes given an 80s style remix. For fans of the classic series, this is a trip back in time worth taking. Younger gamers will want to check it out to see one of gaming’s classic franchises reborn.