The Venture Bros is a show that many of this site’s faithful are very familiar with. A spoof on the old Johnny Quest adventures, The Venture Bros turned into something so much more than its origins. A wild and varied mix of characters breath life into this comedy. The show creators will tell you that the show is about failure. And while the biggest failure of all is Rusty Venture, the villains of the show prop him up on that pedestal with their own failings and infighting. Today, we look at the Top 5 Venture Bros villains!

5. Monstroso

Not only is Monstroso a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, but he’s also a lawyer. We hear his name referenced many times before he is ever introduced. When he is introduced, it is preceded by a full episode of foreshadowing. Monstroso isn’t just out to hurt you, he is out to dismantle your life. He will make you go bankrupt, lose your well-being and all your property before he ever lays a finger on you.

4. Dr. Henry Killinger and his Magic Murder Bag

Dr. Henry Killinger is like a villainous Mary Poppins, helping those around him like a life coach for those with calamitous intent. Be it bringing the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend back together, or transforming Venture Industries into a successful enterprise for villainy, Dr. Killinger proves time and again he is a whimsical force to be reckoned with, thanks, in no small part, to his Magic Murder Bag.

3. Baron Ünderbheit

Aside from being an all around imposing fellow, the Baron is, in fact, the ruler of a small country. He is a despot that rules with an iron jaw. Coincidentally, he also went to college with Dr. Venture, The Monarch, Brock and the gang. A lab “accident” rigged by The Monarch to maim Dr. Venture, unintentionally turned the Baron into the victim. Not fully realizing the entire situation, Ünderbheit blames Venture for the explosion and his resultant iron jaw. Only Catclops and Girl Hitler stand in his way…

2. Phantom Limb

The Phantom Limb is the true villain of Season 2. He essentially starts arching fellow guild member, The Monarch. This villainous gentleman, is a former college professor. He comes from a long line of adventurers, but due to a birth defect that left his arms useless, he could not follow in the family footsteps. In turn, he joined the Guild of Calamitous Intent and used his university’s scientific resources to more than make up for his useless appendages. He also used the University as a fertile recruiting ground for the Guild. Phantom Limb especially hates The Monarch for ‘stealing’ his girlfriend, the former Queen Etheria, now Dr. Girlfriend and will do anything within his power to seek vengeance.

1. Monarch

In some ways, it seems like this show centers more around the Monarch than it does the Venture brothers. The sheer number of flashbacks involving The Monarch rival only those of Rusty Venture, himself. His unexplained and psychotic obsession with destroying Rusty Venture propels the show to great heights and continues to be a mystery/running gag. His minions, as he calls them, are best represented by Henchman 21 and 24, who have quite a cult following among fans. The Monarch stands at the top of this list, in part, due to his blind hatred of Venture, but also because of his general psychosis. He spends an entire episode professing his love for his new ‘Butterglider’ jet sled.

And let us not forget the cuttlefish.