Yay! Another non-gaming Lost Classic! To be fair, the subject of this movie was featured in several WWF/E and WCW video games as well as Acclaim’s Legends of Wrestling.

If you ask anyone 24 and younger who their 10 favorite wrestlers are, they’ll most likely have John Cena and CM Punk in that list. However, anyone 25 and older would likely have Bret Hart in that list, and many of them would have him above Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bret Hart was the face of a new generation of wrestlers, and his rise came at a much needed time. Vince McMahon’s WWF was the subject of a steroid investigation, and with top superstars such as Hulk Hogan admitting to being on the juice, it was crucial that the company push a top star who had a natural physique. Bret Hart wound up being just that man. Hart was a part of the WWF since the 80s, where he and his brother in law Jim Neidhart were known as the Hart foundation. Neidhart was supposed to be the star of the duo, but his temper and drug problems got the better of him, allowing Bret Hart to shine solo. First he held the Intercontinental Championship and then the World Heavyweight Championship. Before the Montreal controversy, Bret Hart had several classic matches with Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, and the British Bulldog. His technical wrestling style, heated promos, and never say die attitude have helped the Hitman win over the hearts of millions of fans world wide.

Wrestling with Shadows is a dvd on Bret’s last few years with the WWF. It contains footage of his matches, superstars he works with, interviews with fans, friends, and family, and is generally a backstage pass into the life of the Hitman and the backstage of the professional wrestling industry. You’ll see footage of Stu Hart in the dungeon, Bret meeting with fans on tour, and yes, the infamous incident in Montreal. You’ll go through the highs and lows of Bret’s career. You’ll hear his wife speak on her frustrations with his wrestling career coming before home life. You’ll also hear his candid thoughts on what the business was becoming. You’ll also see his interaction with fans, and there is one touching story of a fan who was inspired to change her life around and go to college thanks to Bret Hart.

This is an older release, as it chronicles his life up until the Montreal Screwjob. That being considered, it’s one of the most best stories you’ll ever see in wrestling, and you’ll learn about the game from one of the industry’s greatest wrestlers.