Before I started last month’s Halloween motif, I did re-visitations of several old school Disney games. Now that it’s November, I thought I would bring you one more. Of course seeing as how Halloween was 2 days ago, lets take a look at one of Disney’s darker properties: Gargoyles.

When the animated series debuted in 1994, it was a very surprising fit for Disney. Up until then, its TV shows were more light-hearted in tone. Gargoyles however, was comparable to Batman in terms of tone and subject matter. The series was about a clan of Gargoyles who had recently awakened in the 20th century. Although it only obtained moderate success, it earned a very dedicated fan following, and up until 2008, comics based on Gargoyles were still being published. In 1995, Disney Interactive released this side scrolling game for the Sega Genesis. Taking control of Goliath, players fight through 18 levels as they attempt to destroy the Eye of Odin and defeat Goliath’s arch rival Demona. It’s basic platforming action, but the controls are responsive, and the graphics and animation produce some of the better visuals on the Genesis. It was slated for a SNES release, but it was canceled due to low sales of the Genesis version. Still, here’s hoping that it gets scooped up for a virtual console release. Maybe with Disney’s relationship with Marvel, there could also be a new comic book in the near future.