This is the fourth and final of our special series of horror-related $20GOTW for the month of October.

Developed by Ukrainian developer Action Forms, Cryostasis is a unique (if flawed) first person psychological horror game. Stepping into the shoes of Russian meteorologist Alexander Nesterov as you explore the remains of a shipwrecked nuclear ship as you try to figure out what happened to the crew, many of whom having turned into mindless beasts. With his ‘Mental Echo’ ability, you can enter the memories of the crew members, figure out what happened to them, and even try to change their fate. The game takes place in the North Pole, so naturally, you will be cold. The warmth will serve as your life meter, so you’ll have to find sources of heat to stay alive. Cryostasis moves along at a slow and linear pace, although the story is compelling for anyone who sticks with it. As Lost Planet showed players, the icy north cam be a good setting for video games, particularly horror.