Seen in the most recent Humble Indie Bundle, Rochard is a 2D Platform/Puzzle hybrid in which players manipulate gravity to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Playing as John Rochard, you are on a routine space mining mission for the Skyrig Corporation. However, things go wrong pretty quickly, and you find yourself battling Space Bandits and other enemies as you investigate what’s going on. Your main weapon is the G-Lifter, a gun which can manipulate gravity to life objects. You can also control gravity to allow yourself to jump higher, and alter the trajectories of objects. Each of the game’s puzzles revolve around gravity, same way as Portal’s puzzles centered around teleportation and physics. The gameplay is easy to pick up on while challenging enough to keep you engaged. It’s available on Steam and PSN, but you can grab it as part of Humble Bundle 6 until Monday October 1st at 7pm EST.