Sometimes, gamers don’t necessarily need a game that reinvents the wheel, adds a new concept, or had a deep storyline. Sometimes, we just want something that’s fun. Alien Shooter is just that game Created by Sigma Team, Alien Shooter is an arcade-style top-down shooter with RPG elements. Playing as a soldier sent to clear out a laboratory infested with Aliens, you shoot your way through the game’s semi-destructible environments while killing every alien in your way. You gain money which you can use to purchase weapons and upgrade your abilities. Alien Shooter Complete is a 4-pack which contains Alien Shooter, Alien Shooter Revisited (A remake of the first game), Alien Shooter 2, and Zombie Shooter, which is like Alien Shooter, except that the aliens are replaced with Zombies. Alien Shooter2: Conscription, a recently release sequel, is also available in most places that downloadable PC games are sold. There is not a whole lot to it, but then again there doesn’t have to be. Alien Shooter is a fun filled game that takes up back to the days of our youth.