Rehearsal and preparedness are important, which is exactly why the first chunk of this show has Zac and Adam riffing on reddit, Reality TV, and iPhone 5 before Captain Genius finally reigns them in.

We’ll talk about how “Airplane!” is supposedly the funniest movie ever made, the absolute craziness that is Cloud Atlas, and the potential for sequels to Thor and Star Trek in 2013. Zac also reviews the geek potential for his coworkers.

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Direct Link:Powetcast 135: Too Long; Didn’t Reddit

Continue on for related links, show notes, and the exit music.

I would not blame you for skipping to 25 minutes in where we actually kinda sorta talk about stuff that makes sense.

Exit Music: “Live In This City (Heren Remix)” – Dragonette

Collection Intervention reaction from Sean Long
Airplane funniest film ever, research finds

New Yorker profile of Wachowskis

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago has a chimp named Optimus Prime
Thor 2: The Dark World set photos, might feature Viggo Mortenson as Dr Strange, Jaimie Alexander is cute, Kat Dennings (safe search off)
TMNT Star Trek
Simon Pegg confirms Star Trek Into Darkness
MLP plush
Chris Brown Neck Tattoo
Monkey With A Gun