Note: This game is also available on Xbox 360 and PS3, but not for $20 or less.

2007’s Portal was a surprise hit. A puzzle/FPS hybrid, Valve’s shooter made players think in ways they haven’t since Tetris all those years ago. Last year, Valve released a surprise sequel to their sleeper hit, and its even more insane than the original. Once again, players take control of Chell, who has just awakened from cryogenic sleep. Although an AI drone tries to help you find your way, before long, you reunite with the evil A.I Glados, who is ready to put you through a series of ‘tests’ once again, and she is just as sarcastic as ever. If you think this is going to be a rehash of the original, think again. Several new dynamics have been added to the puzzles, taxing you to come up with some creative solutions to make your way through the trials. Since a number of years have passed since the original, Aperture Science Labs isn’t in good shape, and you’ll see that reflected in the levels. When you think you know what’s in store, a plot twist takes the game in a whole new direction. If you got a friend, there is a new Co-op mode in which you and a friend play as two robots who have their own storyline. PC players have access to the Steam Workshop, where they can build and download new levels. An unsuspected sequel to an unsuspected hit, Portal 2 is even more fun than its predecessor.