Blend one part of Legend of Zelda with two parts Roguelike, mix in a tbsp of biblical allegory, and blend with one cup batshit insane, and you have the Binding of Issac. Created by Edmund McMillen, the demented mind behind Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Issac will attract fans with its addictive roguelike gameplay and disturbing plot and setting.

You play as Issac, a young boy raised by an overtly religious mother. One day, she hears the voice of God ordering her to kill her son, and Issac escapes into the basement. There he has to battle dozens of strange monsters while preparing for a confrontation with his mother. You’ll gain numerous special weapons and abilities, and the game’s environments are randomly generated. The game is extremely challenging, as there is no save. If you get killed, it’s back to the beginning. So if you’re a masochist, you’ll want to dive in again and again to see how far you can get. An expansion is available on Steam. Entitled Wrath of the Lamb, the expansion features new enemies, monsters, weapons, abilities, and secrets. This game was planned as a downloadable title for Nintendo 3DS, but Nintendo objected to its content. So for now, you can grab this off Steam. It’s sick, twisted, and fun.