Having learned some lessons about brevity and staying on topic from our Avengers podcast, the panel rises for the final act of the Batman trilogy.

Zac wrangles and all star cast including Jim from Not Safe for Watercoolers, Adam from The Reality Check, and Sean from Famicom Dojo. We’ll discuss Bane, Alfred, Lucius Fox, John Blake, Selina Kyle, and the overflowing cast of The Dark Knight Rises. There is a lot of plot and a lot of holes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t talk about what we liked and loved about the movie too!

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There is nothing funny about what happened in Colorado during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. We made a conscious decision to not speak of the event in the show. We’re not from there, we don’t know anyone personally there, and with facts still unknown and lives still in the balance, it didn’t seem appropriate for our show to comment.

We do recommend to anyone wanting to help to visit GivingFirst, which is the most direct charity in Colorado. Do know that studio Warner Bros Pictures plans to donate a substantial amount and that the hospital is waiving bills from victims.

In this episode: