With Batman hitting movie theaters this week, this week’s Lost Classic takes a look at one of the gaming adaptations of another DC icon, Superman. The Death and Return of Superman is a beat em up based upon the controversial storyline of the same name. While it probably isn’t saying much, this is arguably the best game starring the Man of Steel. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment (who would later go on to make some little known game called Diablo) and published by Sunsoft, TDATOS is a solid, if generic, adaptation of the comics. Taking control of Superman, you battle your way through Metroplois until you are taken down by Doomsday. From then on, each level will have you in control of one of the four substitutes, each having their own playstyle. Eventually, SUpes will be reborn, and you’ll be back in control of him. Many of the scenes from the comic are reenacted in game form, particularly the destruction of Coast City. While there isn’t much setting it apart from other brawlers, it’s a solid title featuring Superman. How many other games featuring the Man of Steel can you say the same thing about?