Out of all the 3DS launch games, Samurai Warriors was, in my opinion, one of the best. Sure, it has more of the series’ signature hack and slash gameplay, but the game introduces several new features that aren’t seen in the console editions of the franchise. Instead of playing as one of the game’s many generals, you play as a male or female character whose skills you can customize. You’ll take him or her through a tale that spans the entire warring states saga. Each map will have several sub missions to complete, although most usually revolve around getting to a place and beating up someone. This time however, you can switch between different warriors that are on the battle field, and most battles will require you to do this in order to get the best result. After a stage is completed, it becomes unlocked in free mode, in which you can use any unlocked character. The game also includes freely downloadable mission and weapons. While it is one of the 3DS’ better launch titles, SWC will not will over anyone who isn’t already a fan. They’ll see the game’s hack and slash as being as repetitive as ever.