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I was not adequately prepared for Transformers: The Ride. I expected to have fun, and to appreciate what I imagined as a fairly straightforward thrill ride with some Transformers window dressing. 

Boy, was I in for treat. 

Transformers is a fantastic ride. It’s the longest ride at Universal at a whopping four minutes, and it’s an incredible, exciting four minutes. Filled with impressive 3D effects, it really feels like you’re cruising through the Transformers universe. And if that was it, I would have been happy. Luckily, the ride experience is far more than just those four minutes. Here are the top 5 reasons (other than the ride itself) why Transformers: The Ride is amazing. 

Queue up and get recruited

The first awesome thing about the Transformers ride is, fittingly, the first thing about the Transformers ride. Universal has made the line itself an integral part of the Ride experience. Like any good story,things start out innocently enough, as you are swiftly cast as a new recruit for the government agency NEST. As you wind down deeper and deeper into the NEST bunker, each exquisitely designed room features artifacts like the Allspark shard and Scorponok’s tail, and there are multiple video screens featuring brand new clips that set the stage for the story of the ride. These bits do a great job of really immersing you into the world of the Transformers, and you havent even been on the ride yet!

Proof of Authenticity

This is such a pure, authentic Transformers experience, youd expect to find a rubsign somewhere. Both the line experience and the actual ride itself feature the cgi models from the films, as well as the actual voices of the characters. Ratchet, Ironhide, Megatron, and of course Optimus Prime all look and sound like they’ve been ripped straight from the movies. The ride would have still been fun without these touches, but they add a real layer of authenticity to the experience, and makes the whole ride really feel like a “lost episode” from the movie series. 

The ride hides the Transformer inside!

In addition to featuring established characters from the movie series, the ride introduces us to a new movie-verse character in Evac. Like ourselves, Evac is a new NEST recruit, and his mission is to evacuate the Allspark shard from the bunker to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Decepticons. It’s this mission that we experience during the ride. In fact, Evac’s vehicle form is the ride vehicle itself! Thanks to the quality and care put into the ride, Evac really feels like he belongs alongside the movie cast, and you’ll likely find yourself wishing you could add him to your collection at home! If only…

Something to take home with you

Like any theme park ride worth its Energon, Transformers has its very own themed gift shop. Whether you want an ceramic mug shaped like Optimus Prime’s head or your very own NEST uniform shirt, this gift shop has it all. It even has some very cool exclusives, like the deluxe version of Evac, and the new centerpiece to this writer’s personal collection – a 1:1 scale Allspark cube replica. 

Transformers are cool

The number one coolest thing about the Transformers ride is that it exists. Beyond that people love it. Wait times for the ride easily stretch to nearly two hours on a normal day. For those of us that have been with this brand for a long time, seeing so many people excited about Transformers is still a little surreal. Our favorite robots are becoming a household name again, and with mainstream popularity comes more toys, more movies, and the opportunity for things like theme park rides. And what a ride it is. Even if you’re not a fan of the movies, there’s a high probability of you coming out of this ride with a smile on your face.