This $20GOTW comes to us courtesy of Jeff Vogel’s Spiderweb Software. Founded in 1994, the company specializes in RPGs in which gameplay and story take precedence over graphics and sound. The company is also notable for prioritizing Mac development over Windows. Often times, the company develops its games for Macintosh before porting them to Windows. The company’s games are geared towards hardcore RPG fans, and while they lack the bells of whistles of games like Skryim and Dragon Age, their stories and gameplay give mainstream RPG franchises a run for their money. Case in point, Geneforge. While the first Geneforge game was released in 2001, you’d think the game came out in 1987. However, it’s unique gameplay, specifically the ability to summon creatures and create an army of your own, were ahead of its time.

The Geneforge series tells the saga of a group of mages known as ‘Shapers’. The Shapers can create life and utilize their artificial creations for everything from security, to battle, to even menial tasks. The first game in the series cases players as an apprentice Shaper. You arrive on an island and you must discover its secrets. Later games in the series deal with the world’s many factions, and feature new perspectives on the game’s lore. The games are non linear, and have several different endings based on your actions. If you’re into games like Deus Ex and Morrowind which give you the freedom to shape the plot, Geneforge takes it to the next level as long as you’re willing to look past the graphics. All 5 games are available in a bundle on Steam or