Bruce Willis in Disney's The Kid

In 2000 Bruce Willis was a hot commodity and so he got a 20 million dollar pay cheque for appearing in the Disney dramatic comedy “The Kid”. In the film Bruce Willis’s character has an encounter with a young version of himself through time travel! After this fun ordeal full of laughs and heartwarming scenes Bruce Willis learns a lesson from a child and turns his life around.

Spencer Breslin vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who looks more like Bruce Willis?

Well this story isn’t over quite yet! It looks like Bruce Willis is back and this time he needs to teach his younger self, this time played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a lesson about doing crime in Disney’s Looper! But is the movie really about young Bruce Willis learning a lesson or will we once again see that Bruce Willis has to learn a lesson of his own from his younger self, as he did in Disney’s The Kid?

Bruce Willis at age 70 in Disney's The Kid

How will Joseph Gordon-Levitt do in replacing Spencer Breslin in the role of young Rusty? Are the events of this time travel once again being orchestrated by 70 year old Bruce Willis and his time traveling red plane? Will Bruce Willis finally accept that he’s bald at age 70? Is being recast better or worse than being wished out of existence by your brother and a magic coin? Will this movie be canon with Die Hard? Only time will tell! Disney’s Looper hits theatres September 28th!