The Digital Novel is a genre of gaming that isn’t popular over on this side of the Pacific due to its heavy emphasis on story rather than action. However, this title from independent developer Christine Love is worth checking out for its non linear storytelling, although clearly it isn’t meant for everyone. Designed as a spiritual successor to her two previous games Digital: A Love Story and Don’t take it personally babe, it just ain’t your story, Analog’s deep story and 59,000 word count will keep open-minded players hooked.

You take the role of a silent protagonist sent to investigate a derelict space station that had been lost for hundreds of years after its Korean inhabitants tried to establish a colony. You have to search for information about the ship by interacting with two artificial intelligence and reading through dozens of ship logs. As you read these logs, you’ll slowly learn the disturbing truth about the ship’s former inhabitants. These were people who have lost all sense of direction and have somehow went back to a patriarchal-based society in which women were the lowest common denominator and marriages were prearranged by parents. Throughout the game you’ll be presented with several choices as you interact with the two AI programs, and you’ll make your way towards one of five different endings. The soundtrack will keep you engaged as well, and you can purchase it on Steam alongside the game.

If you want action, go play Call of Duty. However, if you’re one of those players who want a more engaging storytelling experience, and you don’t mind sacrificing gameplay, then check this out. This is a perfect example of video games being a form of literature.