Oh good! Another 68 minutes of podcasting!
In this week’s excursion, Zac tackles the moral dilema of Superman VS The Elite, Adam gets a Gravity Rush off some Red Bull, and Captain Genius offers a counter-point to Lollipop Chainsaw.
After all that we chat about Michael Bay’s TMNT movie, Hans Zimmer, Disney’s next move with the Avengers cartoons, and how one troll fooled a dozen comic blogs (us included).

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Music:Dragonette – “Let It Go”

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Michael Bay’s NINJA TURTLES are dead:
Hans Zimmer declares scoring Superman after John Williams a “thankless task” but he’ll be doing it anyway
Yet Another Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises
Avengers not cancelled – misinformation from a fake fan site:
original fake news, Bleeding cool calls him out, rebuttal