Syndicate was one EA’s most unique and controversial games. Developed by Bullfrog Productions (Populous, Dungeon Keeper), it’s one of the few games that put you in control of the fictional evil empire rather than rebelling against it. Taking place in a dystopian future controlled by corporations, you lead a team of brainwashed cyborg mercenaries committing various crimes for your corporation. These missions include kidnapping, assassination, and theft. After each mission, you collect taxes from regions under your control to purchase upgrades for your agents. Along with an assortment of weapons, you have a device called the Persuadertron which brainwashes people, converting them to your side. The game received an expansion pack entitled American Revolution, and a sequel, called Syndicate Wars. Bullfrog tried to make another sequel, however they were unsuccessful, and we wouldn’t see the franchise again until Starbreeze released an FPS reboot earlier this year. The original game is available on for those who have yet to experience this classic.