The Samurai Pizza Cats Polly Ester, Speedy Cerviche and Guido Anchovy

Discotek Media has made an announcement on their facebook page that the complete Samurai Pizza Cats animated series will be coming to DVD soon, with separate releases for both the English dubbed version and subtitled Japanese version. Pricing and a specific release date have not yet been announced.

Samurai Pizza Cats - Bad Bird marrying Princess Vi

This is great news for fans who have been waiting to see this series again for years, and who have never had the pleasure of seeing the original Japanese show, Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee. Now all of you will need to make that difficult decision of whether to buy the series subbed or dubbed. Surely, many anime fans prefer to watch shows in their original language as was originally intended, but with shows from this era, and Samurai Pizza Cats more than most others, a lot of new dialog was added to the dub. This is a comedy series, and the humour in each language is distinctly different, including many added jokes in the dub version that we have all come to know and love.

Thanks to Raptor Thomas for letting us know about this news.