Happy President’s Day! For this very American holiday I’m joined by aDam, Sean, and Crazy to discuss fictional presidents in movies and TV, as well as real presidents used in popular movies. In the end, we nominate our favorites for a real run for office. Well; aDam, Sean and myself do. Crazy doesn’t make it to the second term.

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“Uncle Walter” – Ben Folds Five
“Dead Presidents II” – Jay Z
“Electric Uncle Sam” – Primus

Show Notes:
White TV and Movies about Presidents:
The American President
The West Wing
Bobby from Jack and Bobby
President Thomas J. Whitmore from Independence Day <- Winner
Air Force One
Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks
President Koopa
President Scroob

Fictional Black Presidents:
Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact
Danny Glover in 2012
Zeus in The 5th Element
President Camacho in Idiocracy
Michael Dorn in Heroes
Dennis Haysbert in 24

Comic Presidents:
Lex Luthor
President Kelly

Lady Presidents
President Roslin in BSG <- Winner
The Lady in 24
Gena Davis

Real Presidents portrayed in movies and TV
George Bush Jr. in TF1
Obama in TF2 & 3
Nixon in TF3
Clone High
Bradley Jacobs as Abe Lincoln
Bubba Ho Tep
Abe Lincoln
The Simpsons
George Bush Senior
George Bush Jr. (before he was President)
Gerald Ford
Doctor Who
Barack Obama (Torchwood)
George Bush like character

First Ladies
President Roslin as the First Lady in ID4
Sigourney Weaver in Dave <- Winner
Stockard Channing “Comissioner Barbara Gordon” in The West Wing
Glenn Close Mars Attacks
Lena from Super Mario Bros.

Hot President’s daughters:
Katie Holmes
Mandy Moore <- Winner
Zoey from the West Wing (Elisabeth Moss)
Thandie Newton

Before they were hot…
Mae Whitman in ID4
some chick who’s in Gossip Girl from some spy kids movie (2?) I haven’t seen…She’s totally hot now…
Daughter from The American President This girl
Natalie Portman in Mars Attacks <- Winner