“How can I handle work on a day like today?”

This variation of the line from the 1986 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is spoken by star Matthew Broderick as he reprises the role in a mere 10 second youtube video. It is titled simply “Coming Soon” and teases a date of “2.5.12” which sports fans recognize as the date of the Super Bowl. The original film was written and directed by the late John Hughes, about a high school senior who dismisses all responsibility for day roaming Chicago with his friends.

Updated: The teaser has been shared on Pepsi Throwback’s facebook page. It is likely a Pepsi Throwback ad. No company has yet claimed responsibility for what is certainly a commercial. Rumours have pointed to Priceline (which recently eliminated William Shatner) and Honda, which would have the aged Ferris driving in a CR-V.

Bueller hasn’t been totally absent in the last 26 years. He was recast once before in a TV series that aired on NBC in 1990 for a dismal 13 episodes before being cancelled, garnering poor ratings even though it aired immediately following the successful “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” and was replaced with “Blossom.” Lyman Ward played Ferris’ father Tom Bueller in the original film and made an uncredited cameo in a following John Hughes film “Planes Trains And Automobiles” in the same role, further linking all the famous director’s movies to the same universe of characters.

There is some precedent for this type of commercial revival, as Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo returned as the Griswalds in “Hotel Hell Vacation” which aired during the 2010 Superbowl as a spot for Homeaway.com, a vacation rental portal. Watch that short after the break.

“Hotel Hell Vacation”