This news hits a little close to home. A global labor rights group has published a PDF declaring that Jet Fair, a manufacturing company in China, has been running a factory remarkably below standard work conditions. The group that has released the PDF is called the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights. Some of the accusations levied against the Jet Fair factory include, but are not limited to: excessively long work hours, rat-infested and bed bug-ridden dormitories, overly restrictive rules regarding behaviour, sub-standard food, safety violations and poor pay. This particular factory is the location where the new Transformers Prime figures are being assembled.

Hasbro is a company that works very hard to maintain its reputation as responsible corporate citizen and a globally conscience company. This report clearly aims to tarnish that reputation, true or not, and you can expect swift reaction from the company to right it’s course. The report definitely seems to finger Hasbro as the responsible party for this instead of blaming Jet Fair, which seems more than a little unfair.

The PDF laying aim at the Hasbro partner can be seen here: PDF