Princess Leia kissing Captain James T. Kirk

It’s Flame War Central as the eternal question of Star Trek vs. Star Wars heats up with celebrities representing both franchises lashing out with Internet videos attacking each other! It’s no coincidence that this happens so soon after the Powetcast episode 109: Star Wars vs. Star Trek dropped, as I got inspiration to do this show after watching William Shatner’s original video “Star Trek v Star Wars” a while back.

Data kissing C3P0

In the original video, William Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series, calls out Star Wars as being derivative and argues there isn’t really any comparison. This prompted Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the good Star Wars movies, to respond with her own video “Star Wars is SOOO Much Better than Star Trek“, where she argues various silly things to support her franchise being superior such as better merchandising and her hot ass. Finally Shatner has come back with his latest “Dearest Carrie…” where he retaliates and mocks Star Wars for being nothing but effects.

Keep reading for thoughts and the videos in question.

Captain Kirk and Princess Leia

It’s hard to take much of this seriously, as both actors of obviously being a bit tongue in cheek with their insults. Neither is being particularly mean to the other, though both show that they have a great sense of humour in how they defend themselves. I found it a bit strange to see them defending what they starred in, when neither of them have had much but bad things to say about their own experiences with their respective franchises.

Spock, Princess Leia and Captain Kirk

Enjoy the circus with the videos below. Here’s hoping Carrie Fisher comes back with something entertaining…

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Gay robots. Kirk and Leia creepy wallpaper. Leia/Kirk kiss. Spock, Leia and Kirk.