Selena Gomez dressed as Darth Vader force chocking some guy

This past Sunday Selena Gomez hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards. This included a few silly skits. In one clip she dressed as a number of characters including Darth Vader, which she did while force choking a dude, and then she turned into David Hasselhoff.

Defying modern science, Selena Gomez cloned herself, and her clone called her a bitch and told her to “back the fuck up”. Due to regional restrictions, these clips aren’t viewable in most countries, so all we can share are a few stills. Keep reading for more costumes.

Selena Gomez and her fowl mouthed gangsta clone

If you’re actually interested in this stuff, you can watch the entire show, though most of the content is blocked in North America. It’s not all that interesting, so let me sum it up for you. A bunch of pretty people perform music, Adam Lambert takes Freddy Mercury’s place as lead singer of Queen and Lady Gaga wins… everything…

Selena Gomez wearing a big weird pink dog hatSelena Gomez wearing a deep sea diving helmetSelena Gomez dressed as a vikingSelena Gomez dressed as a babySelena Gomez disguised as David HasselhoffSelena Gomez dressed as a robot from LMFAO